Session Idea? Feedback? Post It Here.

Hello, THATCamp participants!

Now that you have your WordPress ID and passcode, feel free to begin using this blog to share session ideas, provide feedback, ask questions, comment on people’s posts, and the like. This online conversation will help us not only get a sense of people’s interests but also organize the THATCamp schedule accordingly.

Here are a few examples of how (at previous THATCamps) session ideas have circulated in advance:

During the event itself, this blog will also function as a resource for sharing the schedule (as it emerges) and our notes, commentary, and relfections.

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Looking forward!

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3 Responses to Session Idea? Feedback? Post It Here.

  1. Jason Boyd says:

    I’m also interested in Michael’s #3 (Big Ideas for an intro-DH course since I expect I will be teaching one in the future). Some additional suggestions for possible sessions:

    1. Hacking/Coding in the Humanities (How can/should humanists get into/learn/practice hacking code? How can hacking and critical codes studies be incorporated into the classroom?)

    2. Strategies and solutions for post-degree/professional DH skills development (What are the essential skills? How can these skills be acquired efficiently and accredited?)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Michael! That’s a great list. (I’m especially interested in #3, since I’ll be teaching an intro-DH course this fall.)

    As for the hashtag, we’ll likely stick with #THATCamp, since the THATCamp folks are already archiving it. Plus, there are no other THATCamps during our weekend. However, if you want to add an additional tag (e.g., #yyj or #uvic), then feel free! See you soon!

  3. A few suggestions / requests for sessions.

    1. Using DevonThink & related software to organize ideas, materials, content, &c.
    2. Teaching with Twitter, both outside and inside the classroom.
    3. Big Ideas for teaching an intro-DH course.

    Finally, Jentery (& others): THATCamp Victoria needs a unique hashtag, something like #thatcampvic.

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