GIS Projects

I’m interested in hearing a bit about GIS and what people are doing with it.

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About Tess

Tess is a graduate student in the English department at Texas A&M University. Her primary research interest is Victorian literature, specifically race and gender in the British empire. She is also interested in the way that digital tools can aid these venues of research, particularly in increasing the accessibility of obscure colonial literature.

3 Responses to GIS Projects

  1. Tess says:

    That sounds interesting! Just at Texas A&M there are several of us who would be interested.

  2. Aha! Another Victorianist! Do you want to chat about setting up a DH Victorian/nineteenth-century support group?

  3. GhostProf says:

    Seriously. I have an idea for a GIS project on Joyce’s Ulysses (out of copyright Jan 1 2012), but no idea if it is feasible or how much it will require in the way of resources.

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