1. Text analysis tools  | I’m really interested in hearing more about the text-analysis tools that others are learning about here at DHSI. I took the Text Encoding Fundamentals course and have been encoding with TEI, but need to learn a lot more about what this code enables–and what I can do with already-encoded texts. I’ve spent some time looking through TAPoR and Voyeur but feel there’s so much there I don’t yet know how to try. And I’ve used Wordhoard for the early modern texts I teach and study.
  2. Teaching DH  | What are the ‘big ideas’ and ‘essential understandings’ for courses (grad and undergrad) in DH? What are the key topics? How do you teach writing skills alongside/using DH? I’m teaching “Hamlet in the Humanities Lab” next year and would love suggestions / comments.
  3. Early Modern DH  | I’d like to start a collaboratory of people doing early modern DH projects (roughly 1450-1700) involving TEI: best practices, shared ‘ographies, &c.
  4. DevonThink, Bookends, Scrivener  | Is anyone else using any of these programs to manage their information/bibliographies, and to write? Let’s share methods.
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  1. I echo Doug about not using Devon Think but seriously considering it. I’m a Scrivener devotee (though I admit I haven’t yet gotten the hang of all the new 2.0 features…) and I use bookends, and used them respectively to draft and to cite my dissertation. I would love to talk about these tools, as well as throwing Mellel as a word processor into the mix!

  2. Constance Crompton says:

    Here, here! I’d love to make more of my TEI-encoded texts.

  3. Doug Dechow says:

    I’m not currently using DevonThink, but I’m seriously considering it. I’d love to hear some discussion about it and tools like it.

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