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Assessing DH Projects

I’m a historian at a small liberal arts college where all undergraduates produce an intensive senior research project.  Traditionally, this has been a 60-80 page thesis drawing on primary and secondary sources, but in the past few years more students … Continue reading

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DH and Professionalization

Though I admittedly dislike the word “professionalization,” my department administrators love to talk about this process and are always asking me how I’m going to distinguish myself as a digital humanists on the market.  Mostly they are talking about building … Continue reading

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Teaching Digital Humanities

I would like to know if people think about digital humanities as part of the infrastructure of their colleges like the library or a service like writing programs, or if people see digital humanities as a discipline or field of … Continue reading

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Digital Interpretation and Textual Analysis

I teach English lit, academic writing, and related things like comic books at a community college. I’m interested in tools for helping students or otherwise interpret images and texts. I’d love to know more about how we can use digital … Continue reading

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Session Idea? Feedback? Post It Here.

Hello, THATCamp participants! Now that you have your WordPress ID and passcode, feel free to begin using this blog to share session ideas, provide feedback, ask questions, comment on people’s posts, and the like. This online conversation will help us not only … Continue reading

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